Prof Neil

In a digital world anyone can be any identity they want so if I wanted to (but I am stating here that I do not) one could easily post information that is neither true or false about themselves. For myself it is about discerning information for yourself and with that I thank you for taking time to read this.

What is important to me is to tell others what I do now . My background is not so important but I can give a brief preview. A typical but not perfect family with siblings. Family was close up until we all grew up. Parents split which split the family for a while.

Professional background in computing, art design and media including the video game industry which led to some teaching experience up to the degree level.

Currently exploring the idea of consciousness and reality which in itself is a BIG project for me but as I have matured my questions about our reality and my own have increased exponentially. I love to discuss anything especially the unknown, but I must caution you! I have my own opinions and ideas which do change as is normal but I will always fully respect but not necessarily agree. If that is a problem for you then I wish you well on your own journey.

Sending you all love and again thank you for landing on this page.