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About me

A little info about myself and my past experiences.


Being older than Pacman and the first commercial home computer ever made (1974) I share with you some of my experiences in the world of Computers Graphics and Animation and anything else that interests me.

Neil S.

Logo & Identity

Illustration & Icons

Motion & Interaction


My Story and Skills

My video game experience which started in a bedroom whereby my younger brother whom had an enthusiasm for 8-bit computers. Fascinated with them and the graphics I taught myself computers through putting pictures displayed on a TV screen, the only screen available before monitor screens were invented.

This led me to a career in a new growing industry started in the 70’s. My background in print and magazine publishing led me to managing projects in game creation which led me to a short career in teaching computer graphics for games and print.

  • Logo Design
  • Complex Illustrations
  • Icon Sets
  • Motion Graphics


Instructor Post University

Post University
Sept. 2010 – Current

Art Director

Electronic Arts, Namco, Midway Games
Feb. 1993 – Sept. 2003

Sr. Graphic Designer

Frame-By-Frame Media services
Jan. 1990- Dec. 1993


Master of Multi-Media Design

Hayward University Art & Graphic
Jan. 2003 – Aug. 2006

Degree in Graphic Design

University Art Central England
Jan. 1981 – Sept. 1984

Awards & Recognition

Adobe Creative Trainer 2016

Adobe Systems Training program

Assistant Professor and Department Head 2005

Devry University Degree Level classes
Video Game creation

Years experience

Game projects

CGI Experience

New ways of learning


Recent Work

Book illustration for ‘LIVING IN THE AGE OF THE JERK’ link

Rendered illustration

3-D CGI Illustration

Logo & Branding

Illustration & Fine Art COMING SOON!

Pet Portraits

Graphic Illustrations COMING SOON!

Logo & Branding

Web design & Creation COMING SOON!

Logo & Branding

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