Mobile App Sevices

What’s the Difference Between a Mobile Website and an App?

A mobile website can exist in conjunction with your existing desktop website. Its relatively straightforward as long as a few basic truths about mobile are realized. For example a mobile website needs to be far simpler in appearance. A restricted amount of text helps a mobile website to be more readable and simpler to navigate. This means that the most important stuff must be shown first and the content must be concise.

Advantages of a Mobile Website

  • Easier to read content – no pinching and zooming to read a page of text
  • Instant updates – updates automatically
  • Easy to find and share – works in similar fashion to your favorite social sharing site
  • Look and feel – works similar to the applications on your mobile like swiping and selecting

Advantages of a Mobile App

    • Designed for a mobile – Easy to navigate to icon
    • One-on-one engagement – designed for you. Keeps your saved preferences
    • Establishes a digital presence – gives you or your company a professional look and feel
    • Its Cool!


      • Interface design and User Experience Design
      • Application registration – itunes, Windows 8 and Android
      • Custom Graphics and Logo Design
      • Database Integration with an existing server
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