Flash and HTML 5 logos

Flash has been a mainstay of animation and video on the web. The introduction of HTML 5 content has helped push the development of converting flash animations.


Some advantages of HTML5 are:

  • The Ability to run on mobile devices and tablets/pads with smaller file sizes leading to quicker downloads and faster page response.
  • Richer content i.e. Video, Animation and Interactivity without the need to load extra plug-ins into your browser.
  • Adding or using Forms to websites that would not necessarily support a form because of Java code restrictions.
  • More elegant use of CSS for elegant banners, forms and advertising widgets.
  • Larger variety of font support helping to make web pages easier to read and offline browser cache support.

So what are the first steps involved?

We must first test to see if your browser works with HTML 5.
Go to and see how compatible your browser is. (You may need to add or remove add-ons or plug-ins to make your browser more compatible).


  • Animated Banner conversion from Flash to HTML 5
  • Flash Vector Graphics Converted to HTML 5
  • Interactive buttons (Some limitations apply)